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Why Tige?

Incredible Features: 

  • The GO System allows for effortless use over cruise control, ballast, and TAPS 3T. Just program your settings and press Go!

  • TAPS 3T forms the longest, most perfect and powerful surf wave. 

  • Surf and Wake XL ballast has been configured for optimum performance and versatility.

Incredible Features:

  • Tige's convex v hull and TAPS technology makes them the only inboard to feature full trim capability. 

  • Tige boats offer massive versatility capable of creating the best surf, wakeboard, and ski conditions. 

  • Raptor series by Indmar has more power, torque, and better fuel economy than any other engine

Incredible Features:

  • Tige smart wheel offers intelligent controls you desire in one touch. Your hands never have to leave the wheel!

  • The Alpha E2 tower offers a wet sounds audio system.

  • All of your favorite accessories have been precisely placed.